Cathedral Treasure

What actually is a Cathedral Treasure?

The Chur Cathedral Treasure

A cathedral treasure consists primarily of relics. These are remains of the body of a saint or also objects that were connected with the saint.One of the oldest forms of the veneration of saints is the veneration of relics. The importance of relics is shown by reliquaries, i.e. the precious vessels in which relics are kept.In addition to relics, a cathedral treasure also includes other treasures that have been gathered in a cathedral over the centuries, such as liturgical equipment used in worship. These include chalices, jugs for wine and water or incense burners.

The variety of objects belonging to the Chur cathedral treasure makes it possible to divide the exhibition on the ground floor into different thematic areas. Similar to walking through a cathedral from west to east, you will experience an increase in content. It begins in the secular area and leads on to the history of the Diocese of Chur, which is around 1600 years old. In the actual cathedral treasury, you will then see in the third area precious liturgical equipment used for Holy Mass. And finally, you will reach the highlight of the exhibition, the cathedral’s treasure of relics.